Below are the questions, and answers, that we get asked the most about our programme. If you have any questions that aren't included below please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact page.

  • Do I need any qualifications or special equipment to follow the programme? - No, our programme is very easy and simple to follow in the book provided. You will need access to email if you require our support as you go through the programme.

  • Do I have to do everything in the programme? - We encourage everyone to complete the full 30 days, it is not strenuous and easily adapts to any lifestyle. It is entirely up to you.

  • Is there an age limit to the programme, can my children do it? - We encourage children over the age of 6 to have a go. Our founders children do it and you will find things in the programme that children already do.

  • I've completed the programme and want to do more, what do I do? - If you would like to work with us and learn even more then drop us a line via our email and we'll get in touch to discuss further with you.

  • Is the programme available in other languages? - At the moment our programme is only available in English but other languages will be added at a later date.

  • Is there an audio version of the book? - As yet no but it is something we are working on.

  • I am taking medication do I need to stop taking it? - Certainly not! Please seek medical advice from your doctor when deciding to come off any medication. Stopping anti depressants and anxiety medication can have severe withdrawal symptoms if not done correctly.

  • I am in therapy will the programme affect my progress? - No, there has been no evidence in testing that the programme will hinder your progress in therapy. If anything it will be of help to you and your therapist will see a positive difference in you.

  • I have ordered the programme but not received anything, what can I do? - We use a third party distribution company. Please contact us immediately if you have not received your book after 10 working days of ordering it.

  • Are there any recurring fees? - No, the price you see is the price you pay. There are no recurring fees to be involved in the programme.